Benchmarking Your Medicare Activity


A new report compares your Medicare activity to your peers. It ranks your most recently reported payments against the new 2015 CMS fee schedule. The report also benchmarks the number of services provided, number of beneficiaries seen, and the number of CPT codes used, vs. your peers nationally and to the top providers in your state. See Vision Monday for more.


How do patients perceive their experiences when using vision coverage?

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This is among the many questions related to managed vision care answered in Jobson Optical Research’s new “2014 Managed Vision Care Patient Experience Study.” In addition to aggregate results determined from the thousands of consumers surveyed, the report also includes specific data and in-depth analysis of 15 different managed vision care plans
– See more at: Vision Monday.

Leveraging Patient Opinions

leverageIn an era of squeezed margins, increasing product complexity and heightened competition, eyecare patient/customer expectations are higher than ever.  It’s more than product or price.  They want better service, when they want it, and how they want. So, understanding what your patients experience means everything.

And while the need to understand patients is more important than ever, our ability has been diminished. If they rush out to Facebook or Google or Yelp you can only hope you did good enough.

You’d rather be the first to hear about their experience – good or bad, and know what the opinion forming moments were for them, and how you measured up. The secret to delighting patients lies in exceeding their expectations. Proactively asking the right questions, effectively analyzing the answers, and using the results for positive changes creates a feedback loop that transcends social media – it’s leveraging customer opinions to maximize their experience and your bottom line.

Surveys are Instruments Too

Gailmard Tip

Optometrists are very familiar with standardized measurements and calibrated instruments. Well, survey scientists use statistics and psychometrics to validate and calibrate questionnaires. They call the standardized survey questionnaires “instruments”. Neil Gailmard has more tips on elevating your surveys in his latest Tip.

Are Vision Plan Patient Experiences Colored by Frustrated ECPs?

Low views of customer satisfaction by ECPs may be connected to frustration with reimbursement.

Low views of customer satisfaction by ECPs may be connected to frustration with reimbursement.

82% of ECPs rate reimbursement as the most important attribute of a plan, yet after joining, only 21% cited their reason for joining a plan was for the reimbursement – 68% cited fear of lost patients if they didn’t enroll. Only 9% of ECPS rated the vision plans with providing excellent customer satisfaction (C-Sat). So, could ECP dissatisfaction with plan reimbursement color their perception of Vision Plan patient experiences? see more…

What is Most Important to Your Patients When Visiting Your Office?

What is Most Important to Your Patients When Visiting Your Office?

Time spent with you, the doctor, seems to be the make-or-break patient experience factor for many, results from focalCenter Insights’ Key Drivers of the Patient Experience suggests.

What Drives Vision Plan Outcomes?

This excerpt from the webinar presented by Ron Krefman, OD and hosted by NAVCP, discusses the relationship between experiences with the Dr, the Optical and the Vision Plan in driving outcomes of the overall experience.