Leveraging Patient Opinions

leverageIn an era of squeezed margins, increasing product complexity and heightened competition, eyecare patient/customer expectations are higher than ever.  It’s more than product or price.  They want better service, when they want it, and how they want. So, understanding what your patients experience means everything.

And while the need to understand patients is more important than ever, our ability has been diminished. If they rush out to Facebook or Google or Yelp you can only hope you did good enough.

You’d rather be the first to hear about their experience – good or bad, and know what the opinion forming moments were for them, and how you measured up. The secret to delighting patients lies in exceeding their expectations. Proactively asking the right questions, effectively analyzing the answers, and using the results for positive changes creates a feedback loop that transcends social media – it’s leveraging customer opinions to maximize their experience and your bottom line.


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